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Sat, Jan 20 2018 7:00 PM Sun, Jan 21 2018 4:00 AM

-◦❍◦ L O V E • M E D I C I N E + V O X • N O C T E M ◦❍◦-


◦❍◦ And I am of the age of Aquarius too, just like you.  ◦❍◦


❍ The future is bright with possibilities unknown as Vox Noctem & Love Medicine shoot us straight into the starlite stratosphere for a radical reimagining of the earthly landscape far below. Participants are invited to soar above assumptions, and birth entirely new worlds from a bird’s eye perspective. What would it mean to travel so lightly? Experience our sensory exploration of the coming of a new dawn, as we make way from Piscean to Aquarian Age.

❍ Experience 3 psychedelic environments - stars within the cosmos of our imagined future oasis - where artists, magic makers, healers & musicians guide energy into collective elevation.  Bearing water, satisfying hunger and stimulating truth, we invite you to immerse into the Fifth Dimension; this is the Age of Aquarius.

❍ Enjoy immersive soundscapes, multi-course five star dinner experience, underwater dance celebration, and boundless participation.

❍ Aquarius season invites you ◦❍◦  To revel in the full flair of your eccentricity without having to tone down your wildness one bit ❍  To express innovative opinions while finding belonging in the ❍ To cultivate a loving detachment in relationships that takes your intimate encounters even higher ❍ To race straight into the future as you celebrate all that is unknown❍ 


◦❍◦  Dress Code ◦❍◦ 

Through outerwear, our inner bares.

Psychedelic futurism. Cosmic gypsy. Surealistic bohemianism.

Ziggy Stardust meets zodiac priestess at Burning Man...

See album below for more inspiration.


◦❍◦  Tickets ◦❍◦ 


By Chef Feli of Big Love Victuals  7:00pm-11:00pm
Doors at 7:00pm. Dinner seated promptly at 8:00pm

An immersive dining experience for the lucky ones that reserve early. Vegetarian friendly. Dinner by Big Love's Victuals.

AGE OF AQUARIUS 11:00pm-4:00am
A celebration of dance, performance & healthy hedonism

❍ Vendors ❍
Cosmic Foods by Abracadabra Brooklyn
Cosmic Drinks by Ambrosia Elixirs

◦❍◦  Line Up ◦❍◦ 

6 DJs on 3 levels of interactive spaces with multiple Funktion-One sound.


★ Celebrity Guest DJ ★ Natalia Clavier of Thievery Corporation ★
DJ set with Live Vocals

❍    PARTY    ❍ 

★ Carlita ★ ★
☆ Courtney Scott ☆ ☆
★ Experimen.Tal ★ ★
☆ Kellam ☆ ☆
★ Saltamonte ★ & ★
☆ Us Not Them ☆ ☆


◦❍◦  Artists ◦❍◦ 

✭ Psychedellic Soundscapes by Rain Wakefield ✭  ✭ 
✭ Kaleidoscopic Synths by Jessica Long ✭  ✭ 

✭ Live Musical Collaboration by Sky White Tiger & Sandflower
✭ Voice Cult workshops with Daisy Press
✭ Tea Ceremonies with Catrina Armendariz [Hereness]
✭ Intention Setting with Shirin Mazedyasna
✭ Sound Meditations by Meaghan Farrell
✭ Cosmic Shamanic Sound Journey by Humo Maya
✭ Percussion by AJ Nocito
✭ Merkabah Sound by Sascha Nielsen & Miguel Santamaria
✭ Wishcraft by Shauna Cummins
✭ Psychedelic Projections by LevitationTheory
✭ Cosmic Glitter Station with All That Glitters
✭ Mane Scalp & Tresses Energy Healing with Briana Davis

-◦❍◦- Performance ◦❍◦-

✭ Love Witch Rituals with Veronica Varlow
✭ Sacred Movement with Edan Harari
✭ Kama Flight with Roland Peralta
✭ Sacred Movement with Radhika Vyas
✭ Aerial with Vanessa Baskin
✭ Aquarian Poet & Movement with Akil Apollo Davis


More TBA •
• proposed contributions - contact [email protected]

◦❍◦  Private Quarters ◦❍◦ 

Group ticketing & table service available.

Email [email protected] for availability


◦❍◦  Finer Points ◦❍◦ 

» Cell phone use is discouraged. Promote presence and respect at all times.

» Openness and free expression is NOT an invitation. Communicate clearly if you feel inclined to enter someone’s personal space. Yes means yes. No means No. Attending this gathering is a CONTRACT of CONSENT.


◦❍◦  Our Community ◦❍◦ 

✖︎ Exploring constant adaptations in performance, sound, art and alchemy, Vox Noctem works to promote collective mindfulness through carefully curated spaces to the satisfaction of their beloved creatures of the night.

❤︎ Love Medicine’s core mission is to advance the evolution of consciousness through events held as transformational rituals, ceremonies and initiations that viscerally convey the boundless possibilities of a future founded on ideals of openness, love and compassion.


◦❍◦  Participation & Presence ◦❍◦ 

» As patrons, performers, and organizers within New York’s elite underground, we are mutually responsible for the success of this event as a transformative space and we recognize that it is the lens and action of each individual which makes the vision a reality. EVERYONE is welcome here. We ask that you represent your most authentic, expressive, & respectful self.


21+ | No re-entry


EVENT ADDRESS :: 55 Chrystie St., Manhattan :: Basement Entrance